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"Software engineering is not all about writing code but more of how you solve a problem."

Franklin Okolie

Software Engineer

"The more you know, the more you know there are more you need to know."


Frontend developer

"In programming, as long as you're getting a new error message, you're learning."

melody onyeocha

Melody Onyeocha

Frontend developer

"To grow in programming, you will need a lot of problem solving skills"

Nwarema Cyprian

Software Engineer

"You become a better software developer by building projects, not watching tutorials."

Adetayo Akinsanya

Software Developer

"Born in 1815, a beautiful English woman called, Ada Lovelace was the first programmer"

Karen Efereyan

Karen Efereyan

Software Engineer

"In programming, consistently learning, building and developing is the only way to become mastery of the tools."


Frontend Developer

"Perfection is achieved when there is nothing more to remove, not when there is nothing to add"

Emmanuel Eyo

Frontend Engineer

"Your Result is meant for the people but the working process is for you. The result is what validates you, therefore do not violate the process"

Victor Adedeji

Math Student

"The best software engineers you know today, was like you and a begineer a while back looking at someone else as the best software engineer. START..."


Backend developer

"Create a working environment that makes you want to work. That's how I stay motivated"

Joseph Nwokotubo

Backend Engineer

"Bugs are not there to break you , they are there to make your stronger "

Paul Ezekiel Hart

Tech Enthusiast

"If you think mathematics is hard try web development"

Adeyemi Samuel

Frontend developer

" To become a better developer, cultivate the habit of thorough reading"


Oluka Isaac

ReactJS Software Developer

"The Expert in anything was once a Beginner"


Shivani Sarthi

DevOps Engineer

"Learn as if you will live forever, live like you will die tomorrow."


Frontend Developer

"When you learn from your mistakes, you are smart but if you learn from others mistaks your'e a genius"

Anup Subedi

Undergraduate Freelancer